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Gold Plate News!

All of the latest Gold Plate News

Gold Plate Awards
Learn about our prestigious Annual Gold Plate Awards
Gold Plate 2015 Winners

Congratulations to all of the 2015 Gold Plate Winners!

Our sponsors
Giving back to the hospitality industry

The Catering Institute of WA have been lucky enough to have multiple industry members sponsor our events. It is with our sponsors that events such as the Gold Plate Awards and State Student Waiter of the Year are made possible. We would like to extend a large thank you to our sponsors and invite you to click on this link to support those that support WA’s hospitality industry.

Supporting and Encouraging Our Youth

The hospitality industry is extremely competitive and it is important to be continually raising skill levels. The Catering Institute of WA encourage and support Western Australia’s training and apprentice providers as they are an integral part of our industry. To find out more and see what training providers the CIA endorse please click on this link.

2016 gold plate awards
Rewarding Excellence

For 50 consecutive years, operators of many restaurants, cafes and the like from all over WA have participated and received the benefit of the aims and objectives of the Gold Plate Awards program. ‘To reward excellence and to encourage the endeavours of committed industry professionals by giving them a means of improving and promoting their businesses’


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